Fulham community steps up to support ‘Clothe Me – Thank You’

A new charity has been established in London, designed to bridge the gap between clothing stock in charity shops and people that cannot afford to clothe themselves and their families. The Fulham community, in the words of the charity’s Founder Antony Wroe, “has been fantastic with grants received from the Daisy Trust, Dr Edwards & Bishops King's Fulham charity, Eight Bell’s and local charity shops who have partnered with us including Royal Trinity Hospice and Geranium both on the Fulham Road. All Saints Church distribute our vouchers at their Thursday lunch club to those in need. As a result so much has been done to help those who are less fortunate in the borough”.

Clothe Me – Thank You provides a monetary value voucher redeemable in partner charity stores, enabling people in need to choose their own clothes with dignity without having to rely on hand-outs. The vouchers are offered to people in crisis and help increase footfall to partner charity shops in Britain’s struggling high streets. When they are spent, a secondary benefit occurs by raising funding for the stores own charitable cause, with Clothe Me – Thank You returning the cash value of the voucher back to them.  

Daily studies show the increase of rough sleeping, homelessness and households in poverty and a rise of nearly a third in rough sleepers in London over the past year, Antony Wroe continues “it’s noticeable in our communities how individuals and their families are increasingly struggling to afford the basic needs of housing, food and clothing. Whilst food banks provide support, there isn’t an obvious choice for people that can’t afford clothing. We believe that people should be able to choose their own clothes rather than having to take what limited choices may be available to them. The Clothe Me – Thank You model enables this”.



Aragon House reviewed


Urban Village LDN ran a piece on Aragon House in “What’s New” last month but we finally made it there for a spontaneous dinner. Fantastic that we were able to get a walk in and weren’t turned away - front of house staff were very accommodating, not knowing we were planning a review, although the blondes who arrived and sat next to us on the mixed table got their order taken before us. This seems to be a recurring theme when we walk into a restaurant (if there was a laughing emoji available - we’d put one in). First Aperol Spritz of the season and what Mr J described as a bloody good Dirty Martini; we gave our compliments to the the friendly barman.

Just love the whole West End vibe of the place - like a mini Soho House in Parsons Green without the membership and way better food! To the left is the bar and to the right is the restaurant with a velvet curtained private dinning area discreetly tucked away. The interiors are gorgeous and we’d love to go back one day and simply walk around with a cocktail in hand to savour all the art on the walls. The attention to detail is evident throughout, the space works brilliantly well as does the use of colour and the staff look super smart in their blue shirts and tan aprons.

We ate a delicious piece of salmon with sprouting broccoli, kalamata olives and tomatoes - salmon in our eyes always a good test, crispy skin (check), not too overcooked (check), slightly pink (check) and Mr J had the Thursday special - marinated lamb shoulder with black lentil dhal and pilau rice. We would have had dessert but it was all a bit gluten heavy something the Aragon House team tell us they are on to.

We had a quick peak at Arthur’s Cocktail Bar downstairs which was jumping. We also sent another Urban Village LDN roving reporter to check out the garden which has recently opened. They reported a lovely atmosphere and said it was perfect location for a sundowner; bear in mind that the garden closes at 9.30 pm. The hotel rooms have just opened and look fantastic. Check out the Aragon House web-site for 10% off on line bookings. STOP PRESS earlier opening serving breakfast everyday from 7 am.



Happy 15th Birthday Indian Summer


Congratulations to Indian Summer, the Parsons Green based lifestyle boutique, who turned 15 last week. Founded by mum and entrepreneur, Ruth Green in 2004 this lovely local shop brings so much joy and colour to the Fulham Road. We have no doubt that the 15 birthday celebrations were awash with cake, glitter and goodies and that a fun time was had by all!

Happy 15th Birthday Indian Summer!