Made in Fulham

It never fails to surprise us what a talented bunch you Fulham folks are. Each month Urban Village Ldn introduces you to THe Fulham face behind an idea, product or business and ask them what they love about being a local resident.

This month we talk to food consultant Jeremy Jaffe, AKA the food agent, WHOSE RECENT PROJECTS INCLUDE TRANSLATING THE h&M DREAM INTO AMAZING AFFORDABLE FOOD AND DRINK for their first UK Cafe, it’s Pleat westfield (white City) and helping local French patisserie, So Choux GET THEIR PRODUCTS RETAIL READY; now AVAILABLE in bayley & sage


How long have you called Fulham home? My wife, Katie and I accidentally bought a flat in Fulham Broadway in 1997 with the intention of staying for 6 months and moving on. Seven years later we moved out of there with a small baby to Parsons Green and have been here ever since. We live on a lovely street with great neighbours.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your family. I have worked in and around the food world for circa 20 years, I created an organic food business that I ran for 16 of those. It got quite big, it was manic and pretty stressful, nearly as stressful as bringing up two feisty daughters, now ridiculously funny teenagers. My wife has always been a great supporter of what I do. She loves her job as BA airline cabin crew or as our daughters say 'Mummy has put her uniform on to go on holiday again'.

When did your love of food begin? I have always been a bit food mad, I had an opinion about what I thought was healthy and what wasn't and one day, with an old friend who became my business partner, decided that rather than continue to pour scorn on peddlers of appalling, life threatening food I should at least try and do something about it.

What's your favourite local haunt? Our easy go to favourite is Luna Nuova on Fulham Road for a few reasons. Most importantly, the food is always of a standard that never fails to please. The quality of ingredients and cooking are never less than brilliant. Even if we book late the owner and staff will find a space for us and make us feel like we can stay all night and it's just around the corner from my home. Luna Nuova epitomises the local restaurant but really punches above it's weight.

What's your slice of Fulham heaven and why? In Fulham we are blessed with a plethora of great food shops, cafes, coffee shops and restaurants and because I do what I do, I wander around the area looking at old favourites and seeking out what's new. I am a little biased as I do lots of work with Le Pain Quotidien but I love to nip in and grab a coffee there, then hit Bayley & Sage who I admire for their support of local food producers and the wonderful variety that offers, then I'll head up to Whole Foods in the Broadway to see what's new on shelf and buy lots of interesting food, all in the name of research; my daughters think I'm completely mad.

If you could do one thing to improve Fulham what would it be? Teach the council to plan road works properly!

What advice would you give to anyone who wants to start a new food enterprise? Turn up with a heady mix of enthusiasm, energy, money and an idea that will help solve a problem and create a business that can grow to the size that you want it to grow to.

Thank you for talking to Urban Village Ldn Jeremy and we wish you the best with all your exciting projects - all food related of course!