Bazaar Hipster

If you’re like our Ed and love all things Moroccan then take a look at Bazaar Hipster, a company created by SW London resident Sophia Lahlou. Whilst on maternity leave after having her second child, Sophia who is originally from Morocco, started to think of a way of turning her passion for fashion/lifestyle, local creativity and her fascination with cultural fusion into a business.

All products featured on the Bazaar Hipster web-site are hand made by talented local artisans/ designers and hand picked by Sophia who often goes back home to Morocco to treasure hunt and find special pieces. Sophia told us “I am very proud to promote local creativity and somehow contribute in my humble way to support and preserve craftsmanship found in Morocco. We have a selection of beautiful vibrant products, each bringing together my vision of my country of origin, its traditions/heritage, modern take on fashion - it’s what I call’ Tradition with a Twist’”. We’d definitely say the wall art featuring British hipsters wearing red fez hats comes with a Bazaar Hipster twist!

Urban Village LDN met Sophia last year and recently purchased a beautiful Berber clutch*, a special birthday gift for a friend overseas, so we were especially pleased to hear that Bazaar Hipster’s Berber collection is one of Sophia’s favourite ranges. “I love the Berber collection, because it represents perfectly the bazaar hipster spirit. Each bag is a stand out piece with an authentic style adding an immediate WOW effect to any outfit”.

We love Sophia’s grid on Instagram. It’s not just a place to showcase Bazaar Hipster’s fashion and home accessories but to learn more about Morocco’s traditions, culture and history. There are stunning photographs with detailed posts about all things Moroccan from beautiful old portraits of women to the art and use of embroidery.

*Not gifted